SHORT MOTIVATIONAL STORY • Short Motivational Story • The Artist and Happiness

SHORT MOTIVATIONAL STORY • THE ARTIST AND HAPPINESS • A short story about how to be happy when you are sad

One day an artist appeared in a small Kingdom. He was carrying a large bag full of paint and canvases. “Do you want to be happy? Then, come. Only $5!” -an artist shouted. He went on and people stopped to listen. 

Some frowned and laughed. Others felt confused. Only a few dared to give it a chance. A woman approached him.

“I need Happiness. ” -she said. The artist took a good look at the woman and painted a small boy. The woman left happy.  

A beggar came up and asked for  Happiness. The artist looked at him and drew a sack of gold. The beggar also left happy. A young man had been watching the whole scene.  He came up to the artist and asked for Happiness. The artist painted a large mirror. 

“$10” -the artist demanded. 

The young man’s face turned red. 

“You are charging for this mirror twice as much? How is this mirror going to make me happy anyways?” -the young man asked.

“I thought that you weren’t looking for cheap happiness. You are right. The mirror can’t make anyone happy, but the person you see when you look into it CAN.” -the artist replied.


A few days later the King heard of the artist. 

“He is painting Happiness and selling it for $5!” his advisers told him. The King thought of his daughter who was ill. 

“Call the artist! If he can draw Happiness that can make my daughter happy, I will reward him with anything he may wish.” the King said. 

The artist arrived and insisted on meeting the Princess first. So hopeful the King was to see his daughter healthy and happy again that they let him meet the Princess. She was lying in bed with her eyes open. Her face was as pale as the walls of her bedroom.

The artist looked at her for a moment and started drawing. Once the painting was ready, the artist turned it to show the Princess. It was a painting of the Princess herself with a smile on her face surrounded by pink and golden butterflies and flowers.

The Princess looked at her painting and smiled. The King and everyone in the room were shocked to see her get up and smile. 

“You are truly gifted! I want to reward you! What do you want?” the King asked.

“Seeing her smile has been my best reward, but if you allow me to marry your daughter, I’ll be the happiest person in the world!” the artist said.

The King laughed and said, “I thought you would make my daughter happy. It turns out your happiness was in my house.” Thus, the Artist and the Princess got married and lived happily ever after.


No matter what we see our happiness in, it’s not in our hands, but hearts. Searching for happiness is as absurd as searching for yourself: you are already here.

Your happiness is already here. Unfortunately we appreciate our happiness when it’s too late. We try to fill the void within us to be happy. 

Day after day we seek happiness outside of us when it’s already within waiting for us to notice it. We don’t have to wait or search for happiness. We can be happy right here right now. 

When we lose our job, we realize how happy we were while we were still working. When our youth is gone, we feel how precious and imperfectly perfect it was.

Take a piece of paper and write down all the things you have and would be sad if they were lost. It will help us feel true gratitude for our lives and everything that we have.

Thank you so much for giving How To Be Happy • Story a try! You can read more stories and posts and I’ll see you in my next posts xx



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