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MUYASSAR CLUB • 365 WAYS TO BE JOLLY • Book by Muyassar Sattarova

365 Ways to Be Jolly

Happiness is what all hearts desire. Ask yourself, “Have I been living your life the way you want?”What would you prefer to do in your spare time to relax and enjoy your life? No idea? Well, this new book is going to help you make good use of your 365 plus 1 days a year all your life.

It is full of tips and 365 Ways you can be Jolly right now. Remember the song that went “how incredible it is that from simple things great and happy moments start”? Let this book be that beginning of your happy life! Buy this book right now! Your happy life is a fee clicks away from you.

MUYASSAR CLUB • BADASS QUOTES • Book by Muyassar Sattarova

365 Funny and Inspirational Quotes to Live and Love by

Have you ever read any self-help books without quotes? It would be so self-based work unless the author shares some of his or her life experiences. Including some quotes in your masterpiece (such as stories, romances, novels, self-help books, any other work and anywhere you would like) means how qualified you are highlighting something special about your skills.

QUOTES by Muyassar Sattarova

In short, you are making your book more accessible increasing your influence. In addition, I classified the quotes, statuses, and proverbs according to certain groups. So, you can easily find one on any topic you are interested in.

You`re also welcome to use, share them with everyone you think may like or need them. For instance, you can use them in your books, articles you are writing or while speaking and post them as your status on the Social Networks like Facebook, Instagram, What`s up, Pinterest, LinkedIn, even on You tube.


You Are More Fearless Than You Think • A short story about How To Be Strong. It’s simple.

You can purchase this short and meaningful story. Can you believe that a mouse can beat a cat? Find out right now.

muyassar.club • WHAT I WANT WANTS ME • Book by Muyassar Sattarova

What I Want Wants Me: 365 Affirmations to Change Your Life

Powerful Positive Affirmations you can repeat everyday. These Positive Affirmations will help you think positive, stay motivated and change your life.

Muyassar Club • BLOGS TO READ

Do you want to stay motivated, be more productive, read more books, stay consistent, overcome anxiety and depression, study more effectively, get more done in less time, make money doing what you love and change your life?

If you do, you are in the right place. On my Blog I will share everything I have learned, accomplished and everything that has helped me quit my job and live my dream life!

Muyassar Club • LIFESTYLE 

We never stop learning. I always learn from the people around me, the books that I read, everything that happens to me and life itself. Life is the best teacher. In this category you will find blog posts on

how I became more productive;

daily habits that help me stay positive, motivated, confident and productive;

my secrets of how I stay consistent with my job;

how I quitted my job and started working for myself;

best habits that help me make more money;

my productive morning, day and night routine;

how I use journaling to heal;

habits that help me become happier and more productive

the types if journals that I use that are very helpful and more…

Muyassar Club • STORIES 

Like I said earlier, I am a writer. In this category I share my motivational and inspirational stories that can help you become happier, find hope in tough times, and stay motivated while living your life. I love writing stories about how to

be more confident

stay happy and content

not care about what others think of us
find the purpose of our lives

get, accomplish anything that we want

stay motivated going through challenges

keep going;

 find out what we really want and stick to it and many more…

If these topics resonate with you, feel free to check out my blog posts. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you will be the first to watch my videos and read my posts.

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