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These 7 Simple Ways will show you How To Be Happy When You are Sad • Happiness is a choice. Sometimes, it may seem impossible to be happy again: it feels impossible to find the light when we find ourselves in the dark.

No matter where we are and what we are going through, we can either choose Happiness and focus on it or stay in the dark that we are in.

Years ago, I found out that doing new things could help us become happier. This is why I have compiled 365 ways we all can be happy regardless of who we are and where we live.

Today I want to share some of the ways you can be happy. If these ways resonate with you, feel free to buy my book, “365 WAYS TO BE JOLLY” to read all 365 ways.

Making new friends • HOW TO BE HAPPY WHEN YOU ARE SAD

Again, it is one of the simplest means of both happiness and pleasure. You will never feel alone or lack anyone to talk to if you have good friends with whom you can share everything occurring in your life or you are experiencing. I suppose it would be better to examine, I think if you can trust him or her before telling someone your secrets or something about you. 

When it comes to the sources via which you can make new friends, I think there is no problem here since we are living in the area of the Internet. However, I think we should try to make our life more real than virtual.

I always try to keep in my mind that everyone is a human being like me, not someone different. You think as I do, in a different way though. Therefore, I found what makes us similar more than different, because when someone is similar to you, it is not difficult to start a conversation with him or her.  


Have you ever aided anyone without his or her asking about it? If yes, how did it feel? I can still remember how happy I was when I could help someone without waiting anything in return. It is like sharing what you have free of charge, it may not make sense to most people. However, I call it investing in future.

First, as soon as the person you helped, thank you, your whole attitude towards the world will change. I can hear some people say that it is getting too hard to survive and people are turning so violent. Stop for a minute and ask yourself. Who are those people?

They are you and I! Why I called it investing, it is because you will have someone to help you in the most unexpected moment like you did to someone once. You may forget about it. You may think or feel frustrated or disappointed thinking this is not true. Anyway, it works no matter if you admit it, notice it or not.  

Starting your success diary • HOW TO BE HAPPY WHEN YOU ARE SAD

I love this tip more than any other ones.  Have been fixing my memories into my diaries since 2017. I must say that I am sorry about one thing only. I should have started to write the diary from the very moment when I breathed first. Then I would have more accomplishments now. Better late than never.

Therefore, I am happy that I could make myself keep a diary at all. Actually, we all need a month at least to get accustomed to something. After that, it will turn into our routine. Therefore, I recommend you to keep your own success diary where you keep your most beautiful, unforgettably sweet memories, dreams and plans. 


I must admit that travelling is not something you can do in a day. Anyway, when you start to travel and learn more and more, you will see that it was worth it. There are a number of ways to do it like online tour, visiting someone abroad, etc.

However, I want to remind once more that we should be far away from any of the job related troubles, or problems of life. At the end, we are going to travel to relax. So, start right now! What kind of countries do you want to see or visit? Determine and learn everything regarding to your coming trip. 

Reading the inspiring book like “The Alchemist”

Despite the huge number of books published every day, there still are some masterpieces that each, and every one of us should read (from the very birth if possible) to change our lives for better or build it like a true master. One of them is Alchemist.

To tell the truth, I read it according to one of my friends` recommendation. Now, it is time to recommend it to you. No matter how you will read it, I mean, you can listen to the audio version or buy the hardcover, anyway, it will inspire and teach you how to see the world from different points of view.  

Watching a motivational film: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 

I am sure that most of you have greater taste than I have. Of course, you can offer better films than I do. However, I am not going to insist that you should see this film only (but it would be better if you wanted to learn to be more courageous). You are free and welcome to choose one of the most inspiring films. 

Choosing five people to be around you • HOW TO BE HAPPY WHEN YOU ARE SAD

I want to assure you that everything you do according to this book will bring some freshness and satisfaction at least. However, my aim is to change your life for the better. I can`t do it for you, unfortunately, you will have to follow these tips on your own.

I can only remind you that you are what you hear, talk, feel, imagine, see and do. Let`s look through your situation. Whom do you talk every day and what do you hear most? If it is complaining and gossiping, then, congratulations, you are one of us.

It was an important lesson of life for me. From the first day I discovered the truth about the people around me, I learnt to be more selective. Now, I talk to people who can inspire and understand me, or, at least, someone who has something in common with me from the point of view of positive thinking.  

Thank you so much for giving 7 Simple Ways to Be Happy Now a try! You can keep reading more stories and blog posts here. I’ll see you in my next posts xx



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