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Hi! I am Muyassar Sattarova. I’m an Author of 365 Ways to Be Happy. Here I will share my Productivity tips, how I deal with Anxiety, Depression, how to stay Motivated and Consistent, how to Make Money doing what you love and more. If these topics resonate with you, Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Who am I? • About Us • Muyassar Club

You might be asking yourself, “Who is this woman?” Indeed! Who am I? I hadn`t realized how difficult the question was before someone asked me that. Who am I? It’s a simple question, but the answer is not. However, I`ll try to explain everything.

I am a doctor for I can heal your heart. I have never studied medicine or been aware of the names of pills though. Moreover, the only thought of injections makes me shiver. 

Then, I am a designer. I don`t have any pencils or don`t possess any abilities to draw even a straight line perfect not to mention paintings.

In that case, I am a detective. Still, I have never come across any criminals and caught any. 

Maybe, I am a teacher. Even as a teacher I don`t go to school and have no class to teach.

Apparently, I am an assassin. I kill people time by time. However, I have never touched any edged weapons with evil thoughts. Once I was the cause of death of a young bird, which left a deep scar in my heart filling my eyes with tears every time when I recall that cursed day forever. 

Perhaps, I am a traveler. Unfortunately, I haven`t afforded to get out of my little town yet. 

I might be a friend either. Anyway, I have only one companion who keeps me company.

So, who am I? It turns out, I am both none and all. Because, I am an author. 


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