You are on the Right Path • Motivational Story • A short Inspirational story about making the right decisions 

The sparrow was shivering. Its feathers were turning into ice. The bird was standing still on a branch of a tree. The tree grew in the very placewhere the road diverged.

It started to snow. The snowflakes were covering the naked branches of the tree. On its way home, a crow stopped on one of the branches of the tree.

The crow wouldn’t have noticed the sparrow if it weren’t trembling. First, the crow couldn’t believe in its eyes. Then it came nearer. It was indeed an alive bird sitting still and chilling.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” the crow asked. The poor bird tried to open its mouth to reply, but it couldn’t speak. After a few attemptsthe sparrow cleared its throat.

“I am stuck.” the sparrow said. The crow had to bring its ear closer to the bird’s mouth to hear it. The crow looked around.

“Why are you stuck? How?” the crow asked.

“I don’t know which way to go.” the sparrow pointed at the two roads before it with its half frozen wings. The crow looked at the roads.

“This is not hard. Just pick the one that will lead you where you want to go.” the crow added.

“That’s the problem. I have no idea where these roads will take me. I don’t know which way is the easiest one.” the sparrow said clearing its throat again.

“Don’t waste your time thinking. Before you figure out on your head, you may die from cold. There’s no point sitting and guessing where these roads would go. Go find someone who has already seen those paths and ask them.” the crow said and flew away.

The sparrow remembered its old teacher. Everyone would call it a wise owl. The owl had traveled a lot and seen the whole world. The teacher would always tell stories about its adventures.

The sparrow jumped off the tree and stretched its wings. It fell but stopped before hitting the ground. First, its wings didn’t obey the sparrow, but it didn’t stop. 

It took the sparrow ten minutes of ages to get to its master. The wise owl was home. It was glad to see its student.

“You have traveled a lot. Have you ever seen the two roads at the entrance to the forest?” the sparrow asked. The owl thought for a moment.

“Yes, I remember.” the owl nodded. “I had to fly over each twice. Once I went to University. The second time I attended a conference.” the owl explained.

“Could you tell me where those two roads would lead?” the sparrow asked.

“Of course! They will lead to the same place.”


“Yes! All roads merge somewhere. The world is round, you see.” the owl smiled.

“Which one of these roads is the easiest one?” the sparrow asked. The question got the owl thinking.

“The first road is the shortest, but it’s the coldest, because there is no mountain around. The second road is the longest, but you’ll leave winter and cold behind as you go farther.”

“Where will this road end?”

“It ends where you stop.” the owl said. “If you continue your journey, you’ll come across a large forest, two rivers, and the city. 

If you go even farther, you’ll see endless valleys, other small and big cities. If you don’t stop, you’ll come back where you are, because the world is round.” the owl said. 

They bid Goodbye. The owl wished the sparrow all the best. The sparrow flew away.


If logic could explain everything, we would not have all the questions right now. How can we make the right decisions? How not to make mistakes?

What if there are no mistakes? If we refer to life as a mistake, then we are the biggest mistakes!? Can you see the power of your attitude? 

Think of your life as a failure and you will find proofs for your statement everywhere everyday. The opposite is also true. What will you choose? Comment below!

Thank you for reading this short Inspirational short story. I enjoyed writing and sharing it with you. While you are here, check out our latest blog posts and stories xx


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