How to Accomplish Any Goal • Motivational Story • An Inspirational Story about the Secret to Getting Anything Done

“Once a young man traveled to find a monk. He had a very important question to ask him. Despite rain, snow and thirst, the traveler was able to find the Temple. 

The Monk was meditating. Not to disturb his peace, the young man waited. When meditation was over, the Monk opened his eyes and saw the visitor. The Monk welcomed him with compassion and kindness.

“I’ve had to go through a lot to find you.” theyoung man said. He told his story about how he reached the temple despite the weather. “Even thirst and hunger couldn’t stop me.” the young man added.

“What has brought you here? What made you keep going despite all the hardships?” the Monk asked.

“I’ve heard about your wisdom. They said that you could tell me the secret I want to know.”

“What kind of secret do you want to know?” the Monk asked.

“I’ve just graduated from University.” the young man said. The Monk congratulated him on his success. The young man thanked the Monk.

“I want to become a Millionaire. I would like to start my business. It’s my dream, but I don’t know how to do it. If you could tell me how I could accomplish my goal or any goals in life, I’d much appreciate your help.” the young man said. 

The Monk looked at the visitor and laughed. The young man felt confused. 

“My dear boy!” the Monk said. “You have brought your answer all the way here and didn’t even notice it.” the Monk chuckled. The young man remained silent. He looked back, but he couldn’t remember anything.

“What made you come here?” the Monk asked.

“I needed to talk to you.” the young man said.

“It was the beginning of your journey. Did you know how to find me?” the Monk asked. The young man thought for a moment.

“Not really. First, I read about you in a newspaper. Then, I found your address on your website. I can’t even speak your language, but I was able to let people know whom I was looking for. I used hand gestures and the photo of the temple. I just needed to talk to you. I didn’t even worry about failing to do so.

I had to ask dozens of people I had never met before to show me the way. They did. This is why I’m here.” the young man said.

“What kept you going even when you were cold, thirsty and starving?” the Monk asked. The young man looked at the smiling Monk with his eyes wide open.

“I …  don’t know. I guess … I didn’t even think about anything but finding … you.” the young man replied. 

“Now you know the secret! Go ahead and apply it! If it worked for this Goal, it will work for your other goals as well.” the Monk said and wished the young man all the Best. 


To accomplish any goal, first we need to know what exactly that goal is. Our goal is our destination. If we don’t know where we are going, we will get nowhere. 

Challenges are inevitable. They reveal if we are serious about our Goal or just playing around. There are two ways to achieve your goals. Find the way that leads to your goals or pave yours if you can’t find it.


We do not get confident by reading books or thinking of what we could do. Confidence is just like water. You drink water now and sooner or later you will get thirsty again. We do not worry about what we would do if got thirsty.

We gain confidence day by day by doing what we are afraid of. I am not talking about throwing yourself into the fire. That is not confidence. That is foolishness.

Often times the person who is holding us back is ourselves. Get out of your way! There are billions of desires out there. If you have a dream, know that it is in your heart for a reason. It is calling you to act! It is inviting you to be bold. Go for it!

Thank you so much for reading this short Motivational and Inspirational short story. I hope that you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did writing this eye opening story. Check out our latest stories, books and blog posts as well xx


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